Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

I flew back to Utah for General Conference this weekend and I've had a great time being back with family and friends, and being spiritually uplifted all weekend.

Friday morning Mom, Dad, and I drove up to the recently-dedicated Draper, Utah Temple and did a session there.  We left Provo with relatively clear, dry weather, and this (above) is what it looked like just 30 minutes up the road.  The Draper Temple looks more like a fortress than other Temples I've seen.  Very fitting for the times in which we live.  We need those fortresses more and more in the battle against evil.

Friday night Jessica and I accompanied Mom and Dad to Dad's mission reunion up in Salt Lake. Elder Scott was Dad's mission president WAY back then. :)  Elder Scott talked to us about the importance of Temple attendance and then we had a question and answer session.  It was really neat being in a setting like that so close to an apostle of the Lord.  

Most of the things he talked about (with regard to the Temple) were also mentioned in his conference talk about Temples, but did say something to the singles that he didn't mention in his talk.  He said that women who do not marry here on earth will have that opportunity (with many more choices) on the other side, but that he wasn't sure it was the same for men.  Men have a responsibility to marry here.  I looked around the room to see how many other single males he could be talking to.  There weren't many. :)

Elder Scott said that some men who dominate their wife here on earth might be surprised when she pauses and says in the next life that doing it on earth was enough, more than she could handle, and wouldn’t care to continue on into eternity. “Brethren,” Elder Scott said, “treat your wife so she shall want to continue with you in the next life.” He told us that the sealing ordinance is not enduring until after it is sealed by the holy spirit of promise. It requires that beyond the veil both individuals are worthy and want the sealing to be eternal.

While we were mingling afterward and munching on refreshments (empanadas, veggies, and fruits), I asked Elder Scott if he and the other brethren talk about the gospel in the Middle East.  He said they frequently do.  The Lord's gospel will spread throughout that region too, someday.

Taking notes during the conference talks
Mom gave Caleb a little activity to help him listen to the talks.  He was supposed to color the ties of the speakers the color of the tie they were wearing, but I forgot to tell him that.  He put Teddy Grahams, raisins, or peanuts on the words he heard during the talks.
What a great weekend!