Sunday, June 14, 2009

750m Swim, 17.5 mile bike, 5k run

Mary, Cherie, and I took off on Friday down to Asheville, North Carolina, to participate in the Enka (Sprint) Triathlon. It was a fun weekend despite the thrashing I gave my body. I did not train for the event and I will never do that again (not training).

We started with a 750 meter swim in a beautiful lake. I was in the first of four waves. By the time I finished the swim, everyone but about five people had passed me. We're talking young teenage girls, old men, everyone! The swimming killed me. I should mention that I have had pretty bad back pain for over a month and I was getting a cold at the same time as the race (excuses, excuses).

After the swim I jumped on my (rental) road bike and headed out for the 17.5 miles through gorgeous North Carolina hills. I caught up with Mary and we chatted the rest of the way. The 5k run was the last part and I barely made it to the finish line. I was exhausted.

Trying on my swim gear.  They marked both of my arms (166), both of my thighs, and they put "30" on my right calf (supposedly my age).

I finished in 2 hours 25 minutes.  To give you an idea of how slow I must have been going, there was a man in the 70-74 age category who finished in 2 hours 20 minutes.
The lake we swam in
Me, Cherie, and Mary
Walking the bikes back to the car.  What a fun time!
Mary had to go further south for work, so Cherie and I drove over to the Biltmore Estate to check out the largest house in the United States.  I highly recommend it.  Gorgeous house, gorgeous gardens, lands, etc, etc.  Absolutely stunning.  They even had a bowling alley built in the basement. 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mount Vernon

I met up with Liz, Amanda, and Amanda's brother (Richard) in Mount Vernon yesterday morning.  It was a gorgeous morning (which was a small miracle considering the crazy storms we get almost every day now).

It is "Necessary" that you read the "Necessary" picture.  Makes me laugh.