Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sourdough bread bowls and JetBlue's pop corners

Julie and I flew out to California this past weekend to visit her brother (and his wife and cute little girl). Saturday morning we drove to San Francisco to wander around. We had sourdough bread soup-bowls (I had clam chowder in mine and Julie had the tomato soup) for lunch. Wow! So delicious. I had no idea that San Francisco is famous for sourdough bread.
This (Fisherman's Wharf) is where we devoured our yummy lunch.

Aren't those fake owls supposed to keep the birds away? I guess San Franciscan birds are a bit smarter than the rest.
The famous San Francisco trolley that we didn't get to ride. :) Actually, we didn't want to waste a whole hour standing in line to get on one.
Funny bench
Saturday afternoon I drove out to Sacramento to meet Kathy, Luther, Brian, Kelly, and Zach at the temple.
Beautiful place. I'm up to 36 now. Watch out, Dad. I'm catching up. :)

I stayed the night at the Zufelts where we ate some amazing fish tacos (special Zufelt recipe) and watched the worst BYU-Utah football game I've ever seen. By the way, the reason for the second part of the title is the fact that we flew JetBlue to California and they had some really good chips called "Pop Corners" (the Kettle variety). I ate four bags of chips there and another four on the way back.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bedford & Charlottesville, VA

Julie and I took off early this morning and enjoyed a beautiful drive down to southern Virginia.

Our first stop was the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA.

380 ROTC cadets showed up to take the tour.

In downtown Bedford there is a memorial to the 19 "Bedford Boys" (there's a good book called "The Bedford Boys") who died on D-Day, the most per capita of any US city on that day.

Julie loves cats.
This is in downtown Charlottesville. Have you ever seen a bike frame make out of bamboo?
I took this picture because this theater is on Charlottesville's list of attractions, but I'm not exactly sure of the significance of the place.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This is what happens when I go into a paper/supply/writing store.

National Symphony Orchestra Labor Day Concert

Wandering around Georgetown University with Julie

We drove up to Valley Forge, PA early Saturday morning and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the spirit of the place. These are the little barracks where the Continental Army soldiers stayed during that winter.

I think soldiers today are slightly more comfortable.

I took this one for you, Dad. Can you tell me what scripture that is? This is a test.

What a beautiful place!

The visitor's center at Washington's headquarters

Washington's headquarters building at Valley Forge

Requirements to be in General Washington's guard detail.

Then we drove a few minutes over to Philadelphia. We were told that the "O" is crooked because love is not perfect.

Of course we stopped by the Rocky steps and statue

One of Julie's brothers is affectionately known as "Moose" because he is bigger than the other brothers, who are by no means small.

We had Philly cheesesteaks at Sonny's

This is the "before" picture. Julie's stomach didn't like the cheesesteak as much as her taste buds did.

Here we are at a Washington Redskins game. There's a funny story of how we got our parking pass for the game, but it's too long to tell here, and I need to use my hands and my voice to tell it, so ask me about it later. :)

This wasn't Labor Day weekend, but I didn't want to create a separate post for it. A couple of weeks ago we drove down to Williamsburg. We devoured a delicious meal at this BBQ joint.

They just opened the MLK Jr. monument near the Lincoln Memorial