Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Montreal Canada

Monday morning I drove about five hours to JFK Airport in New York City to pick Dad up. From there we drove another three hours to some place called Glen Falls (or something like that), in upstate New York, where we stayed the night. Tuesday morning we drove the rest of the way to Montreal, straight to the temple, where we met President and Sister Galbraith. After everyone left for the afternoon they gave us a little tour of the temple. We went to a Lebanese restaurant for lunch (yum) and then visited a farmer's market. We all attended the 7:30 session at the temple and I went through the session in Arabic. That was fascinating to me. After all these years working with Arabic in the context of politics, military, religious extremism, terrorism, etc, the celestial Arabic was amazing. After the session we all went back to their place, had a very late (and tasty) dinner with ice cream and strawberries for dessert, and then fell sound asleep.
Montreal Temple
A crow talking to Moroni
Me (or is it "I"?) :)
Looking out at the St. Lawrence waterway from Pres. and Sis. G's apartment.
Wednesday morning we got up, helped clean the temple (that was a first for me), and then wandered around Montreal a bit. This is the Olympic Park. They had the Olympics here back in 1978.
The view from the tower at Olympic Park
And of course we had to try some local food. This is "poutine." It's French fries covered in gravy and that delicious cheese that almost squeaks in your mouth while you chew it. I had mine with pieces of chicken too.
Then we walked to a little place to eat the Queue de Castor (Beaver Tail). It's like a long, flat scone with cinnamon and sugar on it.
I had the one with cream cheese, little pieces of Score bar, and chocolate on it. It was really good, but oh so sweet!

At the temple with Pres. and Sis. Galbraith

Monday, July 5, 2010

Capitol 4th of July

At about 12:30AM on the 4th I was lying in my bed trying to decide what I wanted to do for the 4th. Because I really enjoyed the Capitol 4th concert last year I decided to do it again, so Sarah and I went to a 9 o'clock Sacrament Meeting and then we went down and waited in line (sweating like crazy in the 95-degree heat) all day in order to save seats for our friends. We both went through six or seven bottles of water/gatorade throughout the day, but it was worth the suffering. We all enjoyed the concert/fireworks and we made new friends.

This was what I wore to keep the sun off me. I got a few funny looks. :) One cop asked me, "Are you ok?"
The man in the front is Dallas. He sat down next to us while we were waiting in line and we chatted with him about Louisiana (his home State), his floral business, his trip to DC, etc. He became our friend and he spent the whole evening with us.
Me, Emily, I'm bad with names, I'm bad with names, Jessica, and Dallas
Miriam, Dustin, Melinda, and Sara(h)
Lee, Miriam, Dustin, Brock, Melinda, Me, Sara(h), Sarah, DeAnna, and Lauri

Tired little guy
The Marine Band

This is Charles (Chuck). He and some of his family sat with us in line. He's from out west. He told us that he has watched this concert on TV for many years and he finally got out to see it in person.