Thursday, May 20, 2010

Air Show at Andrews Air Force Base

Once again, I have to say that we were very fortunate to have Dustin with us for the air show. Because of his disability we got on a special bus that took us to the base and when the air show was over, we only had to wait about 1/2 an hour to get back on that bus. The other lines were HUGE! I think we all had fun, but I also think they should pack everything in to about four hours instead of dragging it out all day. Maybe even have all the planes flying at the same time. :) Ok, that might be a little dangerous.

The F-22. What an amazing plane.

Showing us how they can extract guys from the war zone.

In front of a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - aka "The Drone") - one of our best weapons against the terrorists
The Blue Angels

Williamsburg & Busch Gardens

Joseph, Emily, and I took off down south to visit Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Busch Gardens. We packed in a lot during those two days.

Walking back in time.
Look closely at the writing and then at Joseph's face. I think he's glad he's living today.

Inside the little chapel at Colonial Williamsburg

Harry Potter?

We got to ring the bell to invite everyone to the noonday meeting at the church. That bell was made in the same place as the Liberty Bell, and the church bell is the original.

This guy had some funny stories to tell. He compared his horses to my modern-day vehicle. He said his is an 8-cylinder "Oatsmobile" with two exhaust pipes. He also has 60-inch rims on his car! :) He told us that one time he was talking to a group of people. One of his horses had to relieve itself (number 1). As it prepared to do so a little boy in the group yelled to his mother, "Mommy, its penis is falling off!"

I think this is what they did for fun back then.

At the glass-blowing shop in Jamestown

Again, here we are participating in a little more fun from the 1700s.

We encountered this guy (girl?) in the middle of the road on the Jamestown island. We didn't realize it was a snapping turtle until we started touching it. Luckily, no one lost a finger.

Cute little girls drumming along with the drummer boys in Williamsburg
So we went to one of the little taverns in Williamsburg to try out some of the food they may have eaten back in the 1700s. After finishing our food we agreed that Wendy's probably would have been a better choice. Yes, it looks good, but don't be deceived by looks.
Joseph had to use the necessary.

Planning our escape

On to Busch Gardens. That's the "Griffin" in the background. It's the craziest roller-coaster I've ever been on. Now I'm told that I have to go to Cedar Point in Ohio if I want to take the next step up to bigger roller-coasters.
They hang you over the edge for a few seconds so you can see how far you are about to drop....and then they release you. What a rush!
Emily with the big bear

A wolf

Inside the Festhaus. We ate some yummy German food and experienced a little bit of German entertainment (dancing and singing).
On the flying swings.
I don't think you're supposed to put three adults inside those little chairs. I was the one getting squished as we flew around and around.
Not only is the park a lot of fun, but it's in a gorgeous area too.
I got soaked taking a picture of this thing. I didn't think the wave would come up very high, but I quickly found out that I was wrong. I turned away from the water as fast as I could, but it still got all over my camera and it covered my backside.

Ha! The little girl probably thinks I'm crazy. She might be right.
Joseph and his pink horse.
We got to ride through the Dark Castle with these girls. Lots of screaming, especially when we grabbed their heads at one scary point in the ride.