Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beautiful Place

 Joseph and Hyrum biding farewell to Nauvoo

 Wagon ride through Historic Nauvoo
 Wonderful people!

 Mom, you are blessed.
 Sara and Lizzie, you two will love this.  Over 4,000 babies!

 Burial places of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy
 Hyrum, Joseph Jr., and Emma
I went from two weeks in the Hilton in Chicago to this.  I feel like a pioneer now - hard bed, flat pillows, loud A/C unit in the wall.  Waaaaa, I've been spoiled. :)  But I do love this little town.  The  pioneers are watching me write this thinking, "A/C?  Pillows?  Bed?  That would have been heaven!"
Another question for the next life.

I love music
See!  Mormons are fun!


Ha!  Apparently the men were getting a little too bossy.

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